Product Design. 12th September

Today, we drew the chair with three different angles of viewing and we should measure the chair’s height, weight and depth. Firstly, I thought we just need to measure the data of the chair, but when I star to draw it, I found I should think about other data of the chair of feet, seat and other details. Also I know I should transfer the units. 

After that, we drew perspective drawing. Firstly I am not enjoy it, because I thought it is very difficult because I can not draw it exact. But when I found how to measure it. And than, I used paper and craved it for three dimensional. I think it is very interesting because I can image different ways to make it. It can broaden  my mind.

I am hoping to make a better one than it and I need to think from the beginning of the process of my work, so that I do not need to make more mistakes on it.


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