Product Design 19th September 

Today, I did my Osborn list technique drawing. I think milt drawing is the most interested, because the chair likes the snow was melt and also I imagination the candle was melt. If I want to choose four Osborn List, I will choose wooly, wonky, holes and melt. For wooly, I think it is very interesting, because I drew it freedom, and if it use wire to make it, it will be quiet amazing. For wonky, I drew a chair likes an egg, when people set down here, it can be comfortable. For melt, I have more idea about it, but I just drew one idea on my sketchbook, and I will put more details on it.  And the last one is holes. I made it likes a cheese, I think it is very awesome, because the shape can catch people’s eyes.

Also, I did my mind map today, I want to focus on the shapes and materials. Because I think if the shape of chair is interesting, it will attach people’s attention. Also, material is very important, because the shapes should have what material they matched.

For my mood board, I choose more amazing shapes and materials of chairs, because they are my most interested elements.


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