Product Design 21st September

Today, I learned how to use the tools and machine. I think bandsaw is the most interested, because it can cut any shape wood and plastic you want. Also, it is very safety. metal and plastic are what materials I want to use, because I never use to make anything before so that I want to try it. Plastic can make more shapes and it looks very beautiful.

When we using the workshop, we should obey four rules. The first one is we should close the main power when we leave. The second is we should close the power when we finish use the tools because if you forget to close it, the next person maybe injured. The third is we should wear goggles because it can protect your eyes. The last one is we can nor wear things on our body and if you are long hair, you should comb your hair, because your hair will be roll in machine.

When I drew my 5 concepts drawing, the first idea is from when the ice melt, so the main word is melt in my first chair. The second one is from the cheese, because I very like eating it. The third one is from scrunched, I just drew it on simply style. And the fourth is from my water cooler box, it is stretched. The last one is from the tooth of shark, the shape is very interesting and it fits on child. I think the first one is most useful for me, and I can use wax or polymorph to make it.


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