Contextual Study (Dada)

Dada emerged near  the end of The First World War between 1916 and 1918. Dada means nothing, so that everything can be Dada. Dada began at Germany by a man named Dr. Otto Burchard.

Cabaret Voltaire is a literary nightclub. During The First World War, the artists who were passionate and Avant Garde,they showed art in that time was chaos reflecting he world around them.

Kurt Schwitters was an artist during Dada. His works can show many collage elements. Although these artworks look messy, it can show information on the time.

Jean Arp,  his works are all abstract style.It can show his freedom art style.

I think my own Dada poem is freedom in style and when I create it, I do not have any constraint, you can do anything I want. And I feel on the Dada, most artists’ works are abstract and feel free. Also, their works  can let reader feel chaos in that time.


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