Contextual Study (Abstract Expuessionism)

Abstract Expressionism was between 1943 and 1965. And it was in New York after The Second World War. And in 1930s, Europe bought several leading Surrealists to New York and Abstract Expressionism focus on the unconscious. There has an artist named Jackson Pollock. He likes used drip, splatter, fling and smear paint to create his paintings.willem-de-kooning-a-way-of-living-the-art-of-willem-de-kooning-800x800.jpg

Willem de Kooning, who is an artist used action painting. He focus on Abstract Expressionism. His works had freedom and little crazy. This painting has more colour and I can see some colour mix together. It can let the painting has more layer. Also, from his painting, you can find some abstract shapes, they are very interesting.


Mark Rothko, the artist focus on colour field painting. And his painting used this most powerful communication tool. From this painting, they are orange and dark blue, and let me think about morning and night. The orange means when the sun rise up, and the dark blue mean when the night coming. I think his painting can let people have more deeper thoughts. And allows more imagination.

I think abstract expressionist’s drawing can let artist more relax, because you are free to drip it or splatter it. It can release their pressure. Also, I think the style of art can let people have more imagination.


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