Contextual Study (Pop Art)

For pop art, I think it is an art movement. It is based on fine art, and it challenges traditional art.

The artist named on Lichtenstein and the work named on Drowning in 1963. He is an artist. From his works, I can see they are all pop art and it shows the ben-day dots. I think it is a new kind of art, because it not looks very three-dimensional but also reader can see the emotion of this painting. He appropriated imaged to use in a popular art context although highly dramatic the image show a beautiful woman which echos the group fashion of celebrities and popular culture.


For Andy Warhol, this work is 32 Cans of Camp bells a Soup in 1962. It used same soup cans and they are different names. He used printing skill and it can shows his emotion on it, also, it can be kind of pop element on the supermarket. I think his works all from his life and show what’s his thinking.


From these two paintings, the one is more cartoon elements and it can clear show the artist’s emotion, another one is more nearly our daily life in popular culture, I think these two paintings have different style, but they are all pop art.

I think pop art influenced the modern art, because most modern art have some similar elements on pop art.


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