Contextual Study (Minimalism)

Today, we learned Minimalism. Minimalism also means simplify and it not using colour. Minimalism began post The Second World War western art, and in American it is a new style art.


Donald Judd,the work in 1967. his works are Untitled, he used green in this installation and used a factory, because he wanted his work to suffuse an industrial production line. I think his work is very interesting and simple because from this different green you can think about different emotions. And the shapes are all the same size, so you can reflect calmly on the meaning.

TAY_020914_ 020

Tony Smith. “The fourth sign” in 1974. He is an American sculptor visual artist and architecture design. His works are all use black sculpture and white background. I think his works’ shapes are very interesting and it also used geometric elements.

I think minimalism influencing art and design because nowadays, most of artists like creating the simple shapes and they want to used minimalist to make a modern works, such as sculpture, furnitures and so on. So minimalism is kind of art and also it push the modern work be better. And I am really like this kind of design because I like simple design and it looks very clean and also you can from minimalist to think about more thinking on yours.


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