Contextual Study (Conceptual and Land Art)

Conceptual art is influence by Minimalism, and it just using some minimal materials to create their artwork on the land. Concept means idea, and land art means using land to create the works.

Sol DeWitt, made on April 23,2011. This artist’s work shows the geometric shapes and it influences architecture or interior design, It has more details and it can clear show what the artist what to show us.


The artist name is Andy Goldsworthy and he created the work is Touching North in 1989. The artist who used ice to create a circle on the land, but he did not do it by himself, he just gave an idea to his team and let them to finish it. It is different than the traditional work of art, because the artists almost do the work by themselves rather than just give an idea to his team and let them to finish the work.


Walter De Maria who was an American artist, sculptor, illustrator and composer. This photography name is The lighting field in 1977. He also just gave the idea to his team and let them to do this work. The time of day and weather change the optical effects and the lights up during the storm.  I think the photograph is amazing because the colour is very match and the lights light the black sky, also I can from the photo to feel the cloudy and the situation.




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