Fashion Promotion (2)

Today, I thought about which colour I want to used in my project, and I chose blue, red and yellow, because these three colours are very match and also renaissance earlier period usually use these on the painting. Also, red colour mean enthusiastic, it fits on clashing colour and red and bright blue can have the colour of the conflict. And I chose renaissance and modern together, I think it maybe more funny.

Also, I did some primary research and drawings, I took some photo about bright colour in Cambridge and London, I printed the photo and drew it. Such as I chose a photo which I hold a tea and I used acetate paper to drew the first drawing, also I painted it with colour pen, but it is easy to massy and the colour not strong. I try to let it more three-dimentional. After that I want to photocopy it, but the background was too dirty, so I put a white paper on the back and photocopy again. Then I used colour pen to painted it again, because I want to let it more colourful.

I was so confused because I can not find some artist link to renaissance, and then the tutor thought me a photographer named Romina Russia, her works focus on renaissance. I think her work’s make up is very classical and the whole photo show the later period of renaissance.

For the next time, I will find an artist who uses more colourful elements on works.


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