Fashion Promotion (5)


Today, I did my secondary research about   Fernando Vicente Vanitas. This artist named Fernando Vicente, he is a Spanish artist who has been working as an illustrator and painter for various magazines and newspaper since 1980s. The illustration called “inferiores” shows a sensual female with the muscles and bones of the right side of the neck and upper thorax exposed.  His artworks used the blue background has contrast the woman’s apparatus’ colour. And the whole colour looks like renaissance style, these colour not used bright colour, but also can show the clashing colour’s element, so I want to use this in my own work.

After that, I put some photos which I went to national gallery about renaissance. I want to from these photos can let me think about my idea. Also, I did my primary drawing on sketchbook, I drew what colour I want to put on my idea and how to let them match.

I still think about what product I was to  use in my project, the first idea is make-up, because I like making-up,if I use it, I will put more enthusiastic on it.



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