Fashion Promotion (6)

Today, I did my photo shoot and I used Photoshop to create a picture about renaissance and modern together. I think it is a new idea to do my project. I cut the photo about flowers and used another photo about renaissance, also I college them to a new idea. It is also like a stairs because I want to use it in my navy’s postcard, it just my first idea, and I will development it.

After that, I continue my primary research and secondary research. I find a artist which is Fernando Vicente. He is a Spanish artist, he working on the illustrated and painter. His works usually use background and he painted on canvas. His illustration work called inferiors, it shows a sensual female with the muscles and bores of the right side of the neck and upper thorax exposed. His works look very cool and have more details on it. I will think about how to put this artist’s work in my design.


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