Fashion Promotion (7)


I took my contact sheet on the weekend so that I created my ten postcard today. First, I chose four photos about my product and model. I used leaves on it with Photoshop. Such as I created a picture which is the leaf cover my half face, I adjusted the leaf colour to red, blue and yellow, because I chose these three colour I focus on. And I cut of the perfume’s shape and transparent it and let it fits on the leaf.

After that, I chose three pictures and created it looks like navy’s element. I want to  blue and white stria and change it to my postcard. I used three colour I want and put it in my picture also let them have stars. Because it can more colourful and can show what theme I want.

The last one is renaissance. I just used the dark background in my postcard which the idea from Romina Russia. And also I have a postcard which is I put a lot os renaissance painting and college them together. But it looks too blank so I put three main colour on here.

It is my first time to do my postcard, I am so proud, because I think there are all very beautiful and I used lots of time to do it. For the next time, I will try different elements to create a new styling.


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