Contextual Study (Fiji)

Last Tuesday, we went to The Sainsbury Centre, this place is very beautiful and the architecture is very interesting. The whole building’s materials almost are glass and from the first picture we can see the glasses are not straight, and the bottom of the land also are not straight, so it takes shape of a angle and the whole building looks very modern. Also inside the building, the gallery uses the curvy line to  exhibited the artwork.

sainsbury-centre-for-visual-arts_main-630x315         content/uploads/2015/10/Sainsbury-Centre-for-Visual-Arts_main-630×315.jpg6249670899_b071f72484_b



The painting named Portrait of R.J.Sainsbury(Robert Sainsbury) in 1955, and the artist named Francis Bacon(1909-1992). This painting has a black background, also the artist just used eight lines to create a space has gloomy atmosphere. And the men’s clothes is black, so that people can not really clearly to distinguish the background and his shoulders. I think this painting is very cool because this men’s face is not clearly but you also can see his expression is very strict.


This artwork is quiet interesting. The work is a baby carrier, and it made by Kenya or Kayan people in 1981, it used wood and shell, these are all the natural things. When I first look at this artwork, I feel strange, because this is for baby, but the pattern looks very scary. It looks like a person keep his eyes wide open, and his mouth is very flat. So the whole thing when I first saw it I felt scary.


This one is a necklace, named Breast ornament and made by Santa Cruz in 1983. This artwork is quiet interesting, because it used shell, coir and turtle shell. This shape looks like a fish and the artist created it let me feel the ancient style, also, I can from this necklace to think about the beach.


This artwork is Bodhisattva Maitreya, it made by Henan Province in 1948 in China, it used Grey stone to create it. Because my family brief is buddhism, so I chose it, on the other hand, it is from China and you can from this sculpture, you can clear to see the shape and what is this. Also it broken, but it also has it own shape so I think it is a valuable treasure.


This artist is Frank  Auerbach, and the work named Head of Gerda Bohemian 1964. It used oil painting and had more layer in this artwork let it has three-dimensional element. Also, you can from this painting to see it looks like a men’s face, and he turned round and looked at other side. And this painting not used straight lines, the artist used free style but also has the shape on it. I think it is very interesting and cool.


When I first saw this artwork, I thought it is very cute. This artwork is a club, it was Northwest Coast, North America and made by Tsimshian or Tlingit people in 1957. The materials are caribou antler and abalone shell. It looks like an animal and the artist used the blue demand on it eyes, let it more vivid.


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