Contextual Study (compare two portraits)


This painting is a self-portrait of John Singer Sargent.  You could feel the painting’s thickness, he preached to let the paint retain the tracks of the brush. It looks very vivid, such as his eyes, the artist used white oil and just painted a point on it, that can let people feel it is very beautiful. Also, this painting has light and shadow, his half face used shadow and the artist no just used black, he mix more colour and after that, the colour can match his environment. And the background is not just black because the artist painted the black clothes, also from his hair can know is has more layer to show it more three-dimensional.


This painting also is a self-portrait. It painted by Vincent Van Gogh. The reason why is famous because it just used point to drew this work. You can from the background to clear the see the point, but from his hair, it is not just like points, it like lines on it. I am very like this painting not I like the artist’s work, but also I can from his eyes to know he looks not happy and he felt a little confused. There has more emotions on his eyes, it let people can think more about it.

Compare these two portraits, you can find they are used different drawing skills, the first painting used layer and it used dark colour. But the second painting used draw the points and some bright colour to let it has more sense.


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