Product Design 28/11/2016

Today, I used clay to create four shapes which are phone; ball; pen and bottle. And I used hand to hole it and let it had my fingerprints.It is hard to create a shape because it not very soft, so I should used more power to do it. Also you can use something which are shaped to create a pattern, and I used the roller so I can let the clay to be a flat form. I made these because we should made how we usually hold a thing. So I create this and when I done it, I printed this pictures and sticked on my sketchbook.

Also, I used pencil to draw how I hold it. After that, I drew the things without my hand, just has my fingerprints. It can lear to show what I done.I think it is very interesting, because it can create everything I want. Also, when I finish my work, I felt really proud. For the next time, I will try different way to show how to hold things and create it more and more beautiful.



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