Product Design 2/12/2016


Today, I developed my first model. I used file to grind the holder more and more deeper. Because it is easy to use hand to hold it, but the tutor said it not enough deep, so I should improve it and let it more clear. For the second picture is my third model. I used file and grind it again. When I think it is enough, I sticked the red silk clay on it. Because my first model used the green silk clay, so I want to change another colour to distinguish them.

I really like this idea. When I stared to think about when people walk on the road, how did they hold the phone, so I create this to show people how to hold it. I think it is quite interesting, when I develop it again and again, I can from in know which parts are not well, and how to improve it.

From this project I learn when we make something, you should double check it and improve it again and again. Because once experiment it not enough. For the next time, I will use different materials to create it.


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