Contextual Study (Turner Prize)

The Turner Prize, named after the English painter J. M. W. Turner, is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50. Awarding the prize is organised by the Tate gallery and staged at Tate Britain. Since its beginnings in 1984 it has become the UK’s most publicised art award. The award represents all media.Artists are chosen based upon a showing of their work that they have staged in the preceding year. Nominations for the prize are invited from the public, although this was widely considered to have negligible effect.As much as the shortlist of artists reflects the state of British Art, the composition of the panel of judges, which includes curators and critics, provides some indication of who holds influence institutionally and internationally, as well as who are rising stars. (the information from Wikipedia)6311

Tracey Emin, her artwork name is my bed in 1998. It was exhibited at Tate gallery and it was one of the shortlisted works for the turner prize. This work is about her daily life. I am really like this work because it is so freedom and she just put something she did during her life. And she said:No one had ever done this before. So I think this artist did someone can not imagination and do something strange.


This artwork is Angel of the North, and the artist is Antony Mark David Gormle. It is a contemporary sculpture. It looks like a person have wings and already fly on the sky. The artist almost used wood to create it.


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