Product Design 5/12/2016

Today, I did my research about product design vocabulary. The first one is ergonomic, it means shape for the human body (make the job easier). I found two bowls named Bowls’Reinventing Rituals’ in 2002. The artist is Michelle Huang. These rice bowls area based on the idea of reinventing Chinese rituals. Leaving some food means respect for the host, that’s why the bowl has got an extra pocket. The bowl with the handle refers to the habit of lifting the bowl when eating rice. I am really like these rice bowls because they are different than other normal rice bowl design.


The second is functional. I researched a cabinet. It made by Veronica Gombert. It allows you to constantly change it according to your needs, there are various possibilities to open and close certain parts. The design managed to create a bridge modern multifunctional piece that would look rite in any space design. I tent to this design because it can save space.


The third is intuitive. It means know something without anybody tell you. I found a CD Player. It made by Naoto Fukasawa which is a Japanese. This CD Player’s idea is from air exhaust fan. It is quite interesting because the artist used different things and create a work. It not looks like normal CD player so I like it.


I just done these three research, after that I will finish another.


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