Product Design 7/12/2016

Today, I did my other research about product design vocabulary.

The first one is conceptual. I research a sculpture which looks like a cloud. It made by Fabian Burgy. This artwork is a sculpture, the inspiration is from the cloud. It is very interesting because it not looks like the normal sculpture. It is very big and I do not think it can put at home, because it wastes too much space. The artist design diverse and playful artistic, which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging. Explores the conceptual aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, misplaced situations and spatial relationship. I am not sure what this material is and I guess it is cotton.


And I did my Tactile research which is a bathroom mat. It made by Hella Jongerius. I just used water colour to paint it because I think it can clear to show the bubble on the bathroom mat. But I am not finish analyse on it so I will do it on Friday.



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