Product Design 9/12/2016

Today, I continued my research about product design vocabulary.

For the tactile, I researched a bathroom mat in 1993, this artist is Hella Jongeries. I used water colour to paint it because I want to let it has three-three-dimentional. This bathroom mat has a lot of little circles on the surface, it can let you feel the touching.When touching a product, you manipulate,squeeze, push, weigh and caress it, and by doing so, it reacts. It touches you back. Also, I think this bathroom mat is very salty. because when the bathroom floor is very smooth, than it can protect you.


For anthropomorphic, I researched a corkscrew in 1994, it made by Alessandro Mendini. It looks like a person. When I first saw it, it catch my eyes because it is very cute and interesting. For this holder, you can press it and the bottle will be open. This new idea is very amazing, I am very like it. But when I painted it, it is not easy to draw the shape it, so for the next time, I will practice my drawing skill.



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