Product Design 12/12/2016

Today, I did my observation about how to cook the dumping. I did it on weekend and printed it out on Monday.

First, I open the water faucet and used pot to fill up some water on it. But I think about how much water is enough, and I found I can use mark pen to draw a line on the outside of the pot or just let the water cover the dumplings. Also, if the water in pot is too heavy for existing grip, I can change the grip on the other way, then it is easy to hold the heavy pot. Second, I open the with of induction cooker, then I put the pot on the induction cooker. After that, I adjusted the induction on 9. And then I covered the lid and waiting it boil. But how long should I wait is a question. I think when I first cook it, I should calculate the time so for the next time, I do not need to stay here to wait it boil.


What is more, when the water was boil, I open the lid and adjust the fire on 5. I put the dumplings on the pot and cover the lid again. And then I waiting for the dumplings done, nevertheless, how long should I wait. So when I first cook it, I can calculate the time. Also, when it spilled, how to deal with it? So I think about if we open the rid and cook it, is it ok or I can reduce some water. When I pour the water away, how to keep the dumping on the pot, so I need a spoon to hold it. When I finish cooking, I find there has some dumping’s wrapper stick in the pot, so when put the dumping on the pot, I should stir it. Then it can deal with the problem.


From this experiment, I know it does not just have one way to solve the problem, we should think about different ways to find the answer. And for the next time, I will think about another observation idea about how to using the desk in room.


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