Product Design 14/12/2016


Today, I did my second observation idea which is how I using desk in room. I showed what I have in my desk. I would like to have a big space to blank because it is very confutable.


First, I tried to find some information from these paper, but it is not very quickly, so I think about how can I solve this problem. Then I find I can make a small bookrack on the table and put the paper or book on it, because I can quick to find what information I want.


Second, I pigged the plug and switched on it. After that, I put the plug on the computer to let the battery charging. When I wrote my personal statement, I touched the charge line, it drop down, so how to deal with the charge line drop down. I think I can add a settled on the side of the table, than it can keep the charge line on the table.img_1558           img_1559

But when I took these photo, I did not show the details on it, so I should take some photos again and add them in my sketchbook. Also, I think it is not enough to show the observation, I will think about more things I can use in my idea. For the next time, I will improve my sketchbook and idea.


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