Product Design (04/01)

Today, I did my third design about the lamp. I created a lamp with some holder on the middle of the it, because I want to put my key, rings and my decoration on it, it can save the desk space, and I create the top of the lamp looks like a farmer’s hat. And the middle of the lamp looks like a straw. Also the bottom of it can hold some little things on it.


For this design, it is about how to avoid the charging line drop down, I just let it has a simple idea to let the desk has a hole on it, and from this idea, I developed it. So I had my next design. It is a holder can put on the side of the desk, and for the first layer both, it has rubber pad on it, because it is not smooth so that can hold it on the desk.

IMG_1936.JPG                                          IMG_1937.JPG

This is a bookshelf. For the side of it, it has a hole on it because I can put my charging line on it to avoid it drop down, also you can put your book and some pens on it to save the space.


For the next time, I will focus on the kitchen product and I will do it well.


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