Product Design (06/01)

Today, I did my kitchen product designs.

First, I did a lid design, it is for pan, I want to design a lid can do not need to open it then you can pour away the water. So I add some holes on the lid surface to let the water out. For the second one, it is a lid with a spoon, it is very interesting because I combine the lid and spoon together because when I want to use spoon I need to find it, it waste my time so I create it to save my time.

IMG_1939.JPG                       IMG_1940.JPG

For this one is also a colander, it is on the pan, but I think this idea is not very good, so I will develop it later. The last one is a spoon with colander. I put them together because I think when I use it it more useful to me.

IMG_1941.JPG                       IMG_1942.JPG

For the next time, I will choose one design to develop it.


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