Product Design (09/01)

Today, I start my blue form model. I chose the light with holder design together, and I think about which materials should I use. When I start used card paper to make the top of it, but I find if I use card paper to du the middle of it, it will not stable. So I chose blue form to do it. I used hot wire to cu what size I want, but when I first try it, it was not very accurate, so I drew what shape I want and cut it again, it is more better than first one.

And then I used disc-sander to grind it, because it has angle so I need to let it more rounded. Also the balance is very important, because if I put the key on it, it will be drop down, so I let the bottom of it more flat and try to adjust the balance. But it is not very stable. I think maybe the problem is the material can not support the weight. So I will develop it later.

IMG_1983.JPG      IMG_1984.JPG      IMG_1986.JPG      IMG_1985.JPG

For this model, it is just the test, I think if I make a tragical will be more better, so I will develop it next time.


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