Product Design 30/01

For this wood model, I used bandsaw to cut what shapes I want and used wood glue to stick them together, I find if I want to stick wood together, wood glue is better than super glue so I chose it. When I want to stick the middle of the wood together, I find the angle is not match, so I used disc-sander grind it to let it has another angle then I can stick them tougher because the angles are matched. But when I used glue to stick it, I need to hold it and wait a minute because I should wait it to dry then it will be stable.

After I finish the based model, I have a big problem, I can not put my lamp bulb on the hole, because the hole is to small, so I ask my tutor to solve the mistake. He told me I can tear open the bulb then I can through the hole. I followed the step, it was working I feel so happy because I think the design has my style, because my almost design are very cute and useful.

For the next time, I will let my sketchbook more perfect and if I have enough time, I will let it more well.


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