FMP (2)

Today, the tutor introduce the FMP work to us, so first, we need to finish two project proposals about our FMP, I chose furniture and porcelain to be my two choices, and then I start to do my proposals.

For the first paragraph, I write what did I learn from my previous project, and were they success or not, I think it can help me review my last project. And for the second paragraph, I write down what project I want, why I choose it, and what I am going to make. After that, I show which artist inspirit me. Paul McCobb, his works almost combine wood and wire together. I like his work because it is not complicate, so I try to use this style on my work.

pasted image 0.png

For this work is made by Jonas Trampedach, this artist like combing wood and porcelain together that what I like, so I very like his work and I hope if I start my porcelain work, I can put this element on my project.

屏幕快照 2017-02-28 14.49.40.png



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