FMP (3)

Proposal: Furniture

NAME: Wei Liu (Viko) CEG08031006

From my previous project, I think I learnt how to use the different materials and what materials fit on which project. I know how to use the machine, such as when we use band-saw, we should be careful to wear the goggles and tie up our hair. For my portfolio, I chose to use photoshop to make the pages of my portfolio. The advantage of this method is that I can edit the pages easily. Also I let them know what equipment I can use and I show how I develop my design on it.


For my first idea, I want to make an experiment with materials for furniture. Because I like furniture design so I chose it and it has more range to let me think about what I want to create. I think I will create a chair but not like normal design, I do not have a clearly idea for what shape I want because I want to try different shapes of them to find the best one to make it. Also I will consider is it comfortable and follow the natural form on my project.


I will use card paper to make a simple model to make sure is it working, and if it ok, I want to use wood, wire or plastic to create it, because I think wood can let my work more accurate, and I will use black wire and wood together, because it can let the product has modern style. For this work, I will use band-saw to cut what shape I want and polish the edges or corner. If I use plastic to create my work, I will use bending machine to make it bend. From my work, you can see the chair with natural form.


Paul McCobb who comes from American, he is a modern furniture designer, when I first saw his design, I find his work almost use iron tube and wood together, although it looks like minimalism design, but I think it will be very comfortable and looks like Japanese style, it is influence me. His work has the advantage of being suitable for mass production.  I can from his work to think about the style of my project and know more different materials. I can visit the Victoria and Albert museum to look at historic furniture and also the Design Museum to look at modern chairs.


In addition, you can see the idea development from my sketchbook and blog, through the whole process. Probably l has some mistakes, but I will correct it and try it more well. Whilst, I will reflect on what I have learned from the product design or how to use the machine information on it. Also, I will show all of my images in my step by step process on the blog. I can plan my activities by using a timetable and checking my progress.


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