FMP (4)

Proposal (2) Ceramic

NAME: Wei Liu (Viko) CEG08031006

From my previous project, I think I learnt how to use the different materials and what materials fit on which project. I know how to use the machine, such as when we use band-saw, we should be careful to wear the goggles and comb our hair. For my portfolio, I chose to use photoshop to make the pages of my portfolio. The advantage of this method is that I can edit the pages easily. Also I let them know what equipment I can use and I show how I develop my design on it.


For my second idea, I want to make a ceramic product, because I like combining ceramic and any product together, it can show Chinese style and represent our traditional culture. I researched some ceramic furniture and product, and I find I am interested in vase and furniture design, so I think I will try to make these ways for my ceramic project. And if I do vase, I will try the geometric shape on the vase design, because normal vase can not catch peoples’ eyes so I want to try different way to show my work. If I do furniture design, also I will use different style on it.


If I finish my drawing design, I will use card models to try it is working or not, and adjust it to the best way. After that, I will use clay techniques to create the ceramic and use wood to let it more modern. I think about use blue and white ceramic, also I will think another colour. Because I want to combine different materials together and create it has modern style. If I can, I will add wire and plastic on it, I want to match them together, not just look messy.


Jonas Trampedach, he is a product designer with ceramic, and his work almost are about the furniture design which I like. He not just only use ceramic, also he usually uses wood, iron and plastic. I think his work’s colour are all match and let me looks comfortable. Although his works are minimalism, they are very refined. I will learn from his work style, such as combine the ceramic and wood together, and I hope I can be good at matching the colour.


In addition, you can see the idea development from my sketchbook and blog, through the whole process. Probably l have some mistakes, but I will correct it and try it more well. Whilst, I will reflect on what I have learned from the product design or how to use the machine information on it. Also, I will show all of my images in my step by step process on the blog. I can plan my activities by using a timetable and checking my progress.


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