When I finish my secondary research, I start my primary drawing. I chose a student porcelain work and try to draw it on different materials. I chose this porcelain because I like the shape and colour, it is not just a kind of red, as you can see the details have lots of different red.  I think this people want to create a heart, and it is not very neat side, it looks like broken heart. First time I just use pencil to draw it like three dimensional method and second time I use colour pencil because I want to show the colour. Also, the porcelain plant looks like a heart, and it is not just like the normal heart has a regular side, it is more freedom and when you first see it you can know it is absolutely hand-made, not made by machine. I quiet like hand making artwork rather than made by machine. So for my project, I will made a vase by myself.

While for this porcelain, you can find inside it has some cracks on here, I really like it because it is not just flat shapes, it looks like living, not just a artwork. It inspired me to think about my project, I do not want my work just be a sculpture, I hope people can know what thinking I am on my work. For the next time I still want to do the research about porcelain, it can let me have more idea and I will choose the beast one to make it.




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