Today, I still did my research, this design looks like a football, I think the artist maybe inspiration from the football. And it is a geometric design, but if I create this shape of vase, I will paint it with black and white, because it will be more vivid and more catch people’s eyes.


This one is a modern spiky ceramic vase, the materials are stoneware, pottery, clay, ceramic, lead free glazes, cream clay, white glaze. white gloss, stoneware glaze and glaze. It used too much materials so I think it is not a easy work to create it because it has too much details to deal with. This design used spiky shape and create it looks like a hedgehog, it’s very interesting.


This is a hanging air plant cradle. The materials are ceramic, pottery, clay, terracotta, terra and cotta. For this vase design is not looks like normal design, it is not put on the table, it should hang on the wall and looks like a baby cradle, quiet interesting.




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