Today, I did secondary research about The Metropolitan Museum, I went here when I go to New York trip. I really enjoy it, because it has lots of different types of porcelain and I can from these porcelains to inspire my project. I found some interested shapes of porcelains and some of them represent their countries’ culture. So I think about my own project work, such as put some my country’s culture on it. For my hometown, it’s famous for porcelain, tea and food, so maybe I will put some leaf’s patterns on my work and create some different style of the vase. Also, I found a beautiful material called stained glass window, it not very transparent, but when the light through it, the shadow will be very beautiful and colourful. While the pattern on the window, I think it has some stories on here and represent their culture.

 WechatIMG171.jpeg  WechatIMG163.jpeg

For this porcelain sculpture, it used shallow blue and yellow to draw the pattern, while the artist put a handle which has a beautiful shapes and you can see here has lots of details on it, like the bottom of the handle has a small shape looks like animal, when you first see the porcelain you can know it is not Chinese style, it’s absolutely foreign style, I like the pattern and I will use this element on my work.



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