Today, I star my material testing, I want to use slip casting which is use for the manufacture of multiple identical products. A permanent plaster mode can produce up to 50 pieces before it needs replacing and automated slip casting techniques can make many thousands of parts. Numerous household objects and tableware items are produced using this casting technique.

I chose slip casting, because I think it is the new materials I did not try before, I used my tutor’s mode and try to do the cup. First I need to mix the slip casting, because when we first use it, there has some liquid on the surface, so I should mix the liquid and slip casting together. When I finish to mix it, the colour will be more shallow then put the slip casting on the old and wait about five minutes.

I wait for the side dry, but inside the slip casting need wet, because I should pour them out. I find it was dry so my tutor helps me to pour them out and continue to wait ti about one day. From these images, you can see the side of the cup is dry, but the inside is not so we still need to wait it. After one day, the cup is done.


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