Today, I start my process research about clay throwing, throwing is used to produce sheet and hollow shapes that are rotationally symmetrical. First, I researched some picture to and draw it on my sketchbook, it can clear see how the process done. About the earth-ware, it is the most commonly used pottery ceramic. It is scaled with a glaze to be watertight. Earth-ware  garden products are prone to crack in freezing conditions because they absorb water. From the throwing process, I know there has lots of different kinds of clay, such as earthward, stoneware and porcelain, they can be thrown on a potter’s wheel. Porcelain is the most difficult material to throw and earth-ware the easiest, because it is more robust forgiving.

When I first saw the picture I worry about it is maybe very difficult, but I fine it is not very hard, the shape and function of each piece cam be as varied as the potter who create it, and each studio adapts and develops their won technique. 


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