Today, I start my museum research, I went to V&A on weekend, the chicken cup catch my eyes. When I’m in China, I heard about this cup, it is very famous, because it was auction 2.8 billion, I do not why the small cup can auction too much money, and I research it is created in the Ming Dynasty, it used bucket color, in the Chenghua reached the peak, and his material is very particular. It is made of jade, the material is very rare and it is not suitable for large porcelain. And this also represents the emperor of the Ming emperor called Zhujianshen, is the end of his life only love a women, it stand for a loyal love.

I find it is created between 1465-1487, it has 19 cups with a series of chicken cup.  In the ancient, it means an emperor’s looking after his subjects, while, for the pattern and colour, it is very colourful and delicate, the artist let the chicken more vivid. Also  the shape and size are very nice. Before I did not try how to make the porcelain bowl, I think it is very easy, but when I try it, I find it is not easy to create the shape because if you use the more power, the clay will be break, also it is a very small cup, so it more hard to create. I am very admire the ancient artist, while the pattern is very difficult to draw, because the colour’s dark or light is not easy to control. After that I like the cup because it is fits on our hand, when we drink the tea, some people do not think about it will hot their hands, so the top of this cup is not straight, so can avoid to hot our finger.

For this cup, I just know the part of it’s history, when I come back to China, I will research the Chinese book which introduce the cup.


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