The first one is called Lidded Tripod With Handle, it is made between 500-800 (six dynasties), and the second is Wine Pot With Bird Head Spout, it is made in Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign period, about 1680-1720. For these two teapots, the shapes quiet interesting, they are all inspirit from animals. Such as the second one, the mouths of the pot looks like a bird, it is really delicate. For the first one, in my opinion, it looks like a grog, such as the bottom of it, it is like the feet stand on the street. I am so surprised the ancient people can combine animals and porcelain together, it is quiet modern style.

The colour plate is called Inkwell, it’s from India about 1850, the colour really catch my eyes, it stand for the country’s culture. Although it is just has flower’s pattern, it has different colour combine together. Such as the side, it’s dark colour with the flower and leaves. In the middle of the plate, it has a lot of red and blue to distinguish different parts. In the middle, there has two small towers, they are very delicate. 


I like these designs, they are stand for the country’s culture, and you can from the design to know what is the country’s style. I hope people can from my artwork know my country.


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