I found some blue and white porcelain’s pattern and cut it, also I stick it on the card-board. I find it is too simple so I stick the yarn and link with each others. It fits on my artist work. I choose pink yarn because I think blue and pink are very match.


This is Porcelain with crackled glaze. It was from Qing dynasty, Qianlong reign period (1736-1795). This bowl is from my hometown-Jingdezhen. I really like this bowl, not only it is from my hometown, but also the pattern is very beautiful. It is a crackled pattern. I do not know how to make it, but I will learn it. Also the glaze’s colour is quiet amazing, it is combined green and blue together, but not only dark colour, it with some grey so let the colour more different. If I know how the create the crackled pattern, I will put the element in my project.

This is Toy Monkey. It is from India (about mid-19 century). When I first saw it, it is very cute, the monkey holds something on his hand and sit down on a small board with four wheels. The colour is very contrastive. The monkey is dark blue however the colour is red, but I think it is matched. Also the monkey’s tail is curly, the artist let it more vivid. In my opinion, it is maybe stand for religion, but I can not understand it. I will research more information to know about it.

This is Ewer With Floral Design. It is from Ming dynasty, Hongwu reign period (1368-98). This porcelain is underglaze red. It is very ancient style, such as the colour is not too dark and the pattern. Ancient people like drawing flowers, people and animals. It is clear to show the old style. The shape also is quiet nice, I know it is not easy to create this shape, it has too many details to deal with. When I see the porcelain I can imagination the ancient people were too hard working.


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