This is my concept drawing, I think about to let the shape more interesting, such as the word ‘H’,  I want to create it more cute and try to use a lot of word to make. But I find ‘H’ is the best one so I choose it. And the fourth is inspiration by chocolate. For the material test I want to create a chocolate vase, it is more geometric and I can have different patterns on here.

After that, I start to made my blue form model, but it has some smell problems, because blue form is easy to broken so I should be careful to deal with the details. Such as the side of the model, as you can see it has some holes on here, because I am not good at using the blue from cutting machine, so some sides are not straight, and I try to use sand-saw to cut it. It has a holder can let me to cut a straight line. While I made a box which can put the blue form. Also I get to small holes on two boards because I need let the wire through the hole to hold the blue form. After that, I should put the clay around the side, because it can avoid  the slip casting pour out. I should be careful is it has gap or not. 

During today’s work I know I should be careful the details. I think for the final major project, not only focus on the size and shape, but also we should be good at the quality. Although this is not my final work, I want to show it more perfect.


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