When I already finish my box and blue form model, I start to made the mode today. I put three quarters hot water on the bucket, and put plaster with sieve which can let the big particulates out. When the plaster nearly fall, I use hand to mix them together and feel it, I should make sure inside the bucket does not have big particulates. Because if it has, then the mode will has bubbles inside, then maybe is not working. After that I just pout the plaster in my wood box. I just put half in here because it is easy to let the blue form out. 

I wait it for half day and use coin to get four holes on the corner, it can let the mode has air on here then easy to open it. After that I continue to pour the plaster in to the box. I still wait it about two days, and then I can get the blue form out.

When it was done, I think it is quiet perfect, inside the side, there does not have any problems. If it has, I can just sand it more smooth



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