I opened my model today, I think it is very good because it is my first time to make a model by myself. For the inside of model, the surface is very flat so my vase maybe can be perfect. After I take out my blue form model, I used clamp to hold the model with wood board, because it can avoid the slip casting pour out from the gap. When I already to finish mix the slip casting, I start to pour out it on the model. Then continue to wait about five minutes. As you can see there are some slip casting dry, I should pour the clay back to the bucket. When it is nearly stop flow out, I wait for half day to dry it.

This is my new vase, although there is not very flat, I can use sanding paper to sand the surface. Also if it has extra part I can scalpel to cut it. I put somewhere and wait for it one day to dry, because it is still to wet. After that, I will think about to use different materials to make variety shapes on the surface.


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