Today, I start to create the shapes on the top of the vase, I think about to let it looks more cute so I chose a flower model and push it on to the surface then there has a holes which is flower’s pattern. After that I find I can put the flower on the second part, it can let it has layer element. I tried different materials test on the surface, it is quiet interesting.While I tried to use some sharpe tools to create some words on it, I find it is not easy, because if I want to crave the word more curved, I need to be careful, if you use more power then the vase will broken. So I need to control my power. 

I quiet like this design, it is my first clay vase artwork. While for a part of vase, the surface is not flat, I do not know what is happened, maybe when I took it of I touch it or not, I am not sure, so for the next time I will be careful about it. I tried different tools because I want to know what the pattern are they so I can make my final work well. 


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