Today, I did some logo design, I research more logo, such as Chanel, Nike, Nars and some brands which I like. Maybe I like make up and some fashion brands, so I know different brands’ logo. I want to create my own logo, it can stand for me and when people look at my artwork, then they can know it is my work, such a proud things.IMG_1925.JPG

This logo is from my name, I have “w” in my name so I want to let the word has an opposite angle, it looks like mirror effect, so I use this element to create a logo. I quite like this one because it is not very different and has geometric element on here. 


This one also is my name, I got used to it, such as my last vase design, I write this logo on there, I think it is nice and I will use it on my final major work. 


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