When I finish my final design, I found the shape looks like binoculars, so I follow the idea to research it, and I find there has a building called Frank Gehry’s Binoculars Building.


This building built on 1991, it located in 340 Main Street, Venice, Los Angeles, United States. It is very interesting so I research it, the middle of the binoculars building is a garage. I think about when the driver first see it, they will feel surprised, such as I first see it. When I finish the research, I start my plaster mould making. I need to use the blue form to make the shape. So I pick up a big and thick blue form. After that, I used sand-saw to cut it, it is more quick and convince. Also, I should measure it correct, because the mould can not have any mistakes on the data. 

At the moment, I start to create a box, which fit on the blue form model’s size. When I made it, I found it has some gaps on the side, so I need to do it again, and let each parts more tight. For the next time, I will be careful about it.


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