Today, I continue last lesson’s work. I prepare clay, soft soap, water and wire. I used driller to get two holes on the side of the box, and use wire through the blue form and put it on the middle of the box to let it suspended, then I can get two half plaster mould. After that, I use water with soft soap  together and mix them together. When the surface has bubbles, I used blush and put it on the blue form, we should be careful about it, because the soft soap can isolated the plaster so it will not stick on my blue form. We should paint it very average.

IMG_2629.JPG        IMG_7727.JPG

When I finish it, I start to mix the plaster. First, I prepare a bucket of hot water, we should be careful we just can use hot water to mix plaster. And then I use sieve to filter the plaster powder, because it can easy to mix the plaster. After that, I use hand to mix it and if I feel there has some big lump of plaster, I should mix it clear, and if the plaster looks like milk shake, then I can start to pour it on the box.



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