FMP (38)


Today, I start to use sketch-up to do the 3D drawing. I do not know how to use it, so I go to Youtube to learn how to do it and ask my classmate. 

I find it is not very difficult. First, I make a rectangle, use pull-and-push to let it be a cuboid. Then make two squares on the cuboid two side, then use pull-and-push to let it become a cube. Also we need to measure the central point on the cube and make two circles on it. After that, use pull-and-push to be a cylinder. Fortunately, my vase shape it not difficult, then I make a flower and put it on the cylinder. The 3D vase is done. And my classmate told me if I put some shadow on it will be better so I listen to her advise and put the shadow on it. Also, I use grey colour to paint on it to let it looks more vivid.


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