Today, we presentation our mood board and let classmates chose which on it the most interesting. They have half people think furniture design is good and another think porcelain in more better, so the choice is depend on me, I am more interested in porcelain so the FMP work is porcelain vase.

First, I start my mind-map. It can let me think about what should I do next to clean my mind. 

After that, I did artist research, these two are Marcel Wanders’s work. The first one is sponge vase, the quality of porcelain is best reflected through it is fine and delicate porcelain, a quality that is not celebrated when using a mould. He has developed a technique to produce porcelain objects without the use of plaster moulds. And the second one is a egg case, it is stuffing latex rubber condoms with hard-boiled eggs make the shape of the vase, I really like it because the unusual shape.

Another artist is called Hella Jongerius, her works are all very interesting, such as the first work is embroidered tablecloth, she combined line, cotton and earthenware together, it is not like the normal design, she use line and through the porcelain and link with the tablecloth. The second one is very cute, she used natural form and let the fox three-dementinal. 


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